Sunday, 19 August 2018

坐立伸展脊椎 19Aug2018



但我相信培養身體意識更重要,始於給脊柱創造更多內部空間以便往上延伸,肯定會帶來很多好處,肉眼可見的例如整體身體姿勢更好,無論坐下或行走均帶著覺知的意識以便隨時修正,因而能活得優雅。 (提外話,剛剛讀完 “The Art of Grace, on moving well through life” by Sarah L. Kaufman 中譯本:《凝視優雅》,真是好書,獲益良多)



Urban life has it not so good side of unmindfully sitting down remaining the same posture for quite some time, so not only our mind get lose into something else, but unfortunately not inwardly reflecting, but also tightness all through out the body.
And then only when our body start to complaint, we may do some stretching hoping that we ease us off from discomfort.
But I believe it’s more important to cultivate the awareness of the body, for me I find it really important to start from the spine, creating more internal space for it to grow longer definitely brings a lot of benefit, better overall body posture, moving with grace and awareness are some of the visible ones, while improving quality of breath is also very crucial to our health and wellbeing. Let’s give ourselves a try !
Bended knees stack on top of each other bring inner rotation of the thigh bones, also creating a broader foundation to sit upright steadily and have more space for the spine to extent upward.

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