Tuesday, 9 April 2013

eat eat eat 吃食

採訪飲食新聞是我的工作之一, 這些年來, 菜怎樣煮, 材料來源採購處理, 廚師烹飪哲學, 餐廳老闆開店理想目標, 餐廳經理侍應侍客之道等等, 每次訪採都是報導的重要原料。
普遍而言, 寫出菜式好味道誘人食慾, 看文字駕卸能力高下, 所以不如談食材有多難求貴氣價高, 談吃喝能讀出飲食文化的文章可讀性也高, 但如果拋太多理念過了頭又會太悶。

寫吃, 除了談感官享受, 現在多想了解多一些, 吃進吞下之後是怎樣?

那天乘車時將腦中的想法記下來, 給自己多些空間想像。

if ask what is your favorite restaurant? or a dish? or the cuisine ? or the comfort food you crave for? or the first food you eat in a day, or at breakfast/lunch/afternoon/dinner/supper, blah blah blah.
it’s easy, the list is a long one, there’s loads of answer for each categories, cos eating is one thing we do every day.
okay then, do these favorite change in time?
or do they change because of the information you receive from the outside world? from the net, TV, magazines, ads, suggestions from friends or people we admired?
do you always resist to changes in eating habit, or you change only if it threaten your vitality? or when it’s necessary as curing a disease?
do you ever notice the feeling of you body,  when you take something into your mouth? other then how good to your mood because that piece is pricy/it was eaten with someone very special, etc? and what you feel after you swallow the food?
what we always say, for example,  ” feel good”,  ” feel nourishing” , is it the feeling inside our brain, or our body?
i would like to bring new attitude to eating, with an open mind as well as  body, simply to welcome the food that i am going to swallow
because after the food pass through the mouth, our taste bud, whether they used to be foie gras / quinoa or pok choy, to our digestive organ, there is not much difference, they are simply something thoroughly chewed or unchewed, ready to be processed. our digestive organ, with the help of our digestive fire, the agni, to work on classifying things to take,  which is good to our body, and sort out those useless to our body, then became waste ready to dispose later on.
okay then, should we try our best to help this factory, our digestive organ, so as to make the whole process a smooth one or not?
this is our choice.
a yes or no.
okay if it’s a yes, then should we think more about what best bringing in to smooth the digestive process?
i work on bring real food in, not fake food.
i choose easy digest food.
i choose plant-base, nourished with the sun, moonshine as well as morning dew.
2013 april 8, on bus 5B towards casueway bay from sheung wan