Tuesday, 11 April 2017

人人都可以練瑜伽 #人人瑜伽 #everybodyyoga :)

-yoga is meant to adapt to you, not the other way around.

很多人將瑜伽姿勢(asana, 梵文)跟伸展運動聯想在一起,事實上身體姿勢只是整個瑜伽體系的一小部分。瑜伽字面解作聯繫,身、心、靈、呼吸與境況的連結,這套整全的世界觀包含哲學、科學和生活方式。

-The yoga poses or asanas that most people associate with stretching only make up a small portion of a very thoroughgoing philosophy, science, and way of life. The word yoga means union—the union of body, mind, spirit, breath, and environment. It forms an all-inclusive and comprehensive worldview.

-yoga practice is likened to a laboratory in which you are both the subject and the object of your experiment

-Yoga is not about outer worship; it’s about inner exploration.

-the beautiful thing about the practice is that it meets you where you are. The idea is not to force yourself into a yoga pose – it’s about adapting the pose to fit your body where it is today. //