Thursday, 26 October 2017

腳指力 spread the toes

seated forward bend坐立前摺式

老師話如果腳指之間打不開,是老化現象,控制不了身體最邊陲區域,所以練腳掌肌肉力量和動動腳指吧!分開、撐開、它們之間要有空間的,正如手指能,腳指也要能隨己意分開來 🖐🏻

Ageing start at the lower extremities, so the ability to spread the toes is important  😝 
Practicing activating the toes, make them separate 😌
 It's a lot of hard work, press the legs down, muscles hugging the bones, etc etc.Internally I can feel that if I just tighten up the body, it tensing my mind and I can’t breath smoothly and even the little toes tighten, pinky cramped  😅
 So it definitely is a matter of balancing. About making an effort and letting go of effort to relax this mind-body complex, it’s about consciousness of bodily sensation as well as calmness of the brain.