Sunday, 23 October 2016



12 signals our body sends to tell us we are too stressed 

The conclusion is simple: love yourself and forgive yourself. Be thoughtful of others, and try not to hold a grudge against other people. Communicate more, smile (because a smile looks so good on you!), and stay healthy!
Too much stress is the main cause of any headache. It can happen because of worries about possible failures, little things, or constant rushing.
Pain in the neck signifies the burden of resentment towards other people and dissatisfaction with our own imperfections. Our neck hurts when we can’t forgive someone or ourselves.
Shoulder pain is caused by emotional burdens and constant pressure. Maybe someone really puts pressure on you. Or maybe you can’t make an important decision and start carrying this heavy burden.
A lack of emotional support and close people around us can manifest itself in upper back pain. This happens when we subconsciously feel unloved and unappreciated.
If we have any financial worries, our lower back may hurt. Maybe we’re secretly obsessed with the idea of living a rich life, or maybe the people around us make us worry about money all the time.
Elbow pain signifies a lack of flexibility and an unwillingness to compromise. We probably resist some important changes that may occur in our lives, or we’re subconsciously afraid of something new.
Pain in the hands means someone really needs a friend, to have some rest, and to just have a conversation with good people. If your hands hurt, it’s better for you to come out of your shell.
髖關節痛:慣於舒適安逸生活,一切盡在預期之內,害怕改變或做重 大決定、生活守舊一成不變可能是髖痛原因
People who are used to comfort and love living a predictable life may suffer from pain in the hips. Fear of change and making big decisions and an unwillingness to bring something new into life are the causes of hip pain.
A big ego is probably the cause of knee pain. Our knees may hurt when we think about ourselves too much and don’t care about others at all. And also when we’re absolutely sure the world revolves only around us.
Calf pain is a sign of emotional tension. Possessiveness, constant worries about a relationship, and crazy jealousy are other causes.
Pain in the ankles may mean that we forget about ourselves and need more pleasure in our life. Maybe our work takes all our time, or we don’t take our needs seriously enough and always put our dreams on hold.
Apathy can be a cause of foot pain. It’s like our body refuses to move forward. It’s like we’re afraid of life and don’t see the point of moving forward. When we subconsciously think that everything goes wrong and our whole life is a big failure, our feet hurt.