Wednesday, 31 August 2016

31Aug2016 更實用的分享

對我來說,瑜伽身體練習給我最寶貴的得著,是身體輕盈感 (非關體重) 和心靈清晰度,很多關於生活和工作的靈感和新點子,都是在那時候自然浮現,或曰不請自尺的。

If I am to say the One thing which I treasured most about asana practice (the physical aspect of yoga) is, the lightness and freshness of the body and mind afterward, many inspirations and new idea for life as well as for work flourish naturally.
The idea of writing more target to normal people (maybe not even practicing yoga) comes up my mind when I was waiting bus back home after practice.
The Facebook fan page as well as blog can be more educational and informative, then simply a personal sharing.
Aiming at spreading yogic wisdom which is beneficial to all by using simple language that everyone can understand, when jargon are used, an easy to understand explanation should be follow.