Sunday, 29 May 2016


(It's Bilingual!)   唔,你說前摺辦不到啊(


--> 整個人的重心移到一邊(例如右),感覺重量漸漸傾向右腳(看起來仍是雙足貼地的),別讓連接右腳趾公的「波子骨」離地,想像如釘子緊貼地板。






Alright it may be out of reach for you to fold forward comfortable, so how about standing on one leg? as long as you got two legs, you can try practicing it.

Begins with standing with both legs sharing equal weight, feel grounding as well as uplifting in the opposite direction. 
Do you feel you are standing taller?

Second, lean on to one side for example right side, so that you feel heavier on the right foot, so much so that you discover the left leg is lighter and lighter and you can easily peel your left foot up from heel to toes. 

Now that your left leg is hanging in the air, and it is the strength of you abdominal muscle doing the work. Don't underestimate your body, every part is working to help you staying in this one leg balancing pose. Of course how it sustain greatly depends on how and what you have been working to tone your muscle. So you mind better be prepared for more practice if you wanna make this pose looks and feel comfortable from the inside out.

Do i still have to ask where is your mind goes? No where that must be, can only be there with you body. Don't even roll eyes! as that will ruin you internal concentration which you have to cultivating through out the whole process.